Supplier Road Map


Now your customers can place 1 Purchase Order for their entire contract decoration orders. Order Commander acts like a clearing house, we accept a single purchase order from a distributor, which has line item detail, cost, and vendor details for both their desired blank wholesale supplier and their contract decorator. Order commander then splits the purchase order up and sends the appropriate PO’s to the respective vendors.

The relationship remains in tact with all parties. All previous sales, customer service, credit arrangements all stay the same.

Once the purchase order is received and acknowledged, the orders are respectively filled and the vendor Invoices Order Commander who in turn invoices the distributor. The distributor makes one payment to Order Commander who in turn pays the vendor. Terms remain as they were when the ordering was direct. All credit responsibility remains between vendor and distributor.

The service is offered Free to all distributors.

Vendors who desire to participate pay a recurring subscription.

How it works..

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