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  • One Purchase Order

    Distributors submit one purchase order for both blank goods and contract decoration. FREE! Learn more! signupnow-ribbon-blue

  • Order Management

    Want more than just one PO? Order Commander offers a menu of order management services. Learn more!

  • Contract Decoration

    Order Commander can offer you full service contract decoration across the country through our extensive Network of specialty and volume decorators. No more hunting for a decorator in a market you don't know. Get a quote today!

  • Custom Sourcing

    Need something custom sourced, Order Commander can search the world over to find your perfect item. If we can't find it, we can help you create it! Get a quote today!

Whart others are saying...

Dana Zezzo, CMO Jettline

“Keep it simple. That’s how you leverage resources to grow success. This is one of the most revolutionary service offerings the contract decoration industry has seen. Its all about working smarter, Order Commander is Smarter!”

Jay Berman, Co-Founder Visual Impressions

“In my day-to-day dealings with distributors, we are often asked about the possibility of fulfilling a decorated apparel order using just one purchase order.  I believe Order Commander solves this highly sought-after industry need”

Tell Me Why

Selling custom products, especially decorated apparel, is both lucrative AND costly. Lucrative, because we know the highest margin sales are in these kinds of orders. In order to sell them successfully, however, the devil is in the details. Costly, in that those kinds of orders require you to spend your time in the least productive way. You (and your support staff if you're lucky enough to have that) waste time chasing vendors, double entering data, processing multiple Purchase Orders, Invoices & Checks, writing countless E-mails and making multiple phone calls just to get a single order processed and delivered correctly & on-time. By taking responsibility for these time wasters, Order Commander gives you your time back and lets you focus on what you do best, SELL!

Time Spent Selling an Order


Time Spent Placing an Order


Time Spent Managing an Order


Time Wasted


The Team

  • Roger Burnett
    Roger Burnett CO-Founder

    If you’re visiting this page, I’m guessing you’re not really interested in where I went to school or if I have any fancy designations to wow you with.  Most likely, you’re trying to get a sense of who I am and whether or not I might be able to of value to you in what you do for a living…. Continue Reading

  • Jonathan Irvin CO-Founder

    A seasoned industry veteran with experience as a Distributor, Supplier, and Service Provider, Jonathan brings perspective and insight to the Order Commander vision that takes into account the needs and vantage point of all involved parties…. Continue Reading


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